FDA creates Digital Health Center of Excellence

“The FDA is taking a closer look at digital health tools — and the way they are regulated. The agency announced on Tuesday that it had created the Digital Health Center of Excellenc… Read more

Ginsburg’s death could imperil ACA, lead to further legal delays on pivotal lawsuit, experts say

Liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death could further endanger the ACA, but legal experts also suggest her death could lead to more rounds of litigation.… Read more

Mitigating the impact of Covid-19 on Medicare Advantage risk scores and payment

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COVID HCIT Winners in the Provider Space

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Trump releases long-awaited drug pricing order, but its effects are likely far off

The White House disclosed details of an order to cut Medicare prices to international rates, but the proposed plan will be difficult to carry out and could take months to enact.… Read more