Black Lives Matter

Racism, prejudice, and inequality in any form are fundamentally wrong and destructive. At the highest moral level, Chasm Partners hopes that we are all witnessing the re-birth of the civil rights movement in this country. We hope that the passion and purpose behind the BLM movement will unite all and find its focus on a new wave that has the potential to be one of the greatest moments in history. Beyond the impact on our society, this movement will also positively impact healthcare, an industry in need of greater diversity.  

As a leader in recruiting talent for healthcare technology and services, as well as life sciences, we have in the past embraced the role of diversity,  but today we are stepping up our commitment to human equality and equal opportunity. We need to start by learning and understanding as well as working on this internally and externally with our clients. We must all do what we can to affect change. 

We are committed to:

-Unlearning what we think we know about race
-Participating in thoughtful dialogues
-Becoming more aware of racism in our communities 
-Working on a series of actionable steps we’ll be taking to further the cause 
-Looking for meaningful ways to improve and create change 
-Most importantly, we will continue to lead with our hearts. We believe in a world where everyone belongs. We reject all racism that stands in the way and support the transformation to a better place for all.

Finally, we welcome any conversation and all of your ideas on how Chasm can continue to take an anti-racist stance in our communities and within executive search serving our clients. You can reach us at contact@chasmpartners.com.