At Chasm Partners, we believe that companies in the healthcare technology and services  space can benefit greatly by fostering diversity in their organizations. According to the “Women in the Workplace 2018″ study by LeanIn.org/McKinsey & Company, “Change starts with treating gender diversity like the business priority it is. The benefits of diversity are proven: new ideas, better results, and happier employees.”

Chasm Partners is strongly committed to promote and communicate our focus on diversity in both recruiting for our clients and our own hiring.

In the world of healthcare technology and services specifically, it is well known that there remains a persistent diversity gap in leadership. Given our deep belief that this needs to change, Chasm Partners is shining a light on this issue by supporting key organizations such as Parity.org and CSweetener, while also committing to ourselves that Chasm Partners recruits and retains diverse talent, both internally and for our clients.

Our goal is to help Chasm clients gain awareness and knowledge of the diversity gap and to help find solutions to close address this issue for their own organizations by building stronger leadership teams through diversity.

About Parity.org

The Parity.org mission is to advocate for women’s representation at the highest levels of business—in the C-Suite and on the Board of Directors. Parity.org does this by promoting companies that demonstrate their commitment to gender parity, raising awareness about underlying issues, and providing facts and research that show the value in equal representation. The ParityPledge™ asks companies commit to simply interview at least one qualified woman for every open seat, VP and higher—including the C-Suite and the Board.

We invite you to join us in this important mission. Please take some time to learn more about these two organizations and consider joining one or both!

If you have any thoughts or questions, please email us at: info@chasmpartners.com