Posts on Jan 2019

FDA Commissioner Further Details Digital Health Pre-Cert Program

As part of an effort to streamline the regulatory process for digital health technologies that have potential to reduce cost and improve patient outcomes, the FDA is piloting a pre-cert program.… Read more

Leaders Make Predictions for 2019 and Offer Advice On What To Do About Them

How will the coming year pan out? From ethical leadership to artificial intelligence, a range of leaders share their views on the key 2019 developments and how to tackle them.… Read more

How Blockchain Technology is Helping the Healthcare Industry Evolve

Blockchains, digital ledgers of information that are nearly impervious to breaching, are set to revolutionize the way data in healthcare is handled. To put it in perspective, health-related blockcha… Read more

The 4 ‘Attachment Styles,’ and How They Sabotage Your Work-Life Balance

Our subconscious programming — developed through our youth and on into adulthood — plays a huge role in how we survive or thrive at work. Here’s how your “attachment style” may affect your… Read more