Posts on Jan 2019

Understanding the Basics of Clinical Decision Support Systems

Clinical decision support systems are quickly becoming essential tools for healthcare providers as the volume of available data increases alongside their responsibility to deliver value-based care.… Read more

The 3 Challenges Every New CEO Faces

" . . . Most CEOs consider the transition… Read more

Looking Forward to HIMSS 2019

We are looking forward to another great experience at HIMSS in Orlando next month! For Regular Updates:… Read more

Arguing the Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

". . . Like any technology at the peak of its hype curve, artificial intelligence faces criticism from its skeptics alongside enthusiasm from die-hard evangelists. Despite its potential to unlock n… Read more

PierianDx Announces Multi-Year Agreement with Illumina to Support Cancer Research and Diagnostics

“Today, few laboratories have the ability to offer comprehensive tumor profiling because of the complexities associated with validating large NGS assays and interpreting genomic results. This agre… Read more