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What We Learned From Top Execs About Their Big Data and AI Initiatives

“In recent years, Fortune 1000 companies have come to recognize that to compete with highly-agile data-driven competitors, mainstream firms must become more adept at leveraging their data assets – 91.6% of executives report that the pace of investment in Big Data and AI is increasing, while 87.8% report a greater urgency to invest. Yet, mainstream companies face challenges in becoming data-driven.” 

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Can SDOH Data Use and Policies Create Health Disparities?

The social determinants of health have emerged as critical factors in driving value-based care and patient wellness programs. But could initiatives addressing the SDOH have unintended, negative consequences for patients? Potentially, says a position paper published in the most recent edition of the Annals of Family Medicine.

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Policy, Process Changes Needed to Safely Integrate AI into Clinical Workflows

With machine learning already impacting care delivery in ways large and small, regulation and clarification are needed to ensure it’s implemented safely, securely and in a way that drives innovation and value, a new Duke study shows.

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Analytics to Help Understand Social Determinants Can Improve Care, Boost Revenue

More and more providers understand the key role social determinants play in delivering better health outcomes. AI and predictive analytics can help harness that data for better care and higher reimbursement.

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Understanding the Basics of Clinical Decision Support Systems

Clinical decision support systems are quickly becoming essential tools for healthcare providers as the volume of available data increases alongside their responsibility to deliver value-based care.

This article explores the critical question: how can healthcare organizations create valuable and effective clinical decision support tools that improve care quality while avoiding the common pitfalls of poorly deployed notifications and inefficient workflow strategies?

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