Posts on Dec 2018

FDA Recognizes Genomic Database to Advance Precision Medicine

The FDA has formally recognized a public database containing genomic information, a significant step forward in driving the development of precision medicine and novel diagnostic technologies. This… Read more

Top 5 Components for Interconnecting Cost and Quality

Every healthcare organization wants to take the best care of their patients, increase compliance and improve their bottom line. An EHR that can address these key goals is critical to a hospital’s… Read more

How Big Data is Redefining the CEO, CFO and COO Roles

Never before in the history of healthcare has the C-suite at hospitals and health systems had access to such a massive amount of data. And within all that data are insights and nuggets of wisdom tha… Read more

Holiday Cybersecurity: Defense Tips for Hospitals to Get Systems Through the Season

“Make sure your domain is protected against spoofing attacks before the holidays, since too often attackers use the holiday season to spoof healthcare providers’ domains to impersonate the provi… Read more

Chasm Partners Offsite Jeopardy Winner!

On Tuesday we kicked off our final 2018 company offsite with a lively Jeopardy competition, and Director Valerie Daniels won the grand prize! Thanks to our team for their participation and contribut… Read more