Posts on Dec 2018

55 Digital Health Mergers and Acquisitions in 2018

From Amazon's acquisition of PillPack to Bestbuy's purchase of GreatCall, over $7.5 billion were spent on digital health acquisitions this year.… Read more

Dr. AI Will See You Now: Machines and the Future of Medicine

What role will human beings have in an ever-changing technology landscape? When AI becomes a better "doctor," what will become of doctors? How will patients and medical professionals adjust to these… Read more

New Chasm Partners Employee – Amy Sievert, Director

We are thrilled to have Amy Sievert join Chasm Partners as our newest Director. Amy comes to us with nearly 20 years in global executive search and human capital consulting experience and has placed… Read more

What Social Determinants of Health Need Next: Personalization, Science and ROI

"In this age of personalized medicine, we need to be thinking about personalized social determinants of health," said Dr. John Mattison, chief medical information officer at Kaiser Permanente. "All… Read more

Four Ways to Help Your Employees Feel More Fulfilled (And Why You Need To)

A new PwC/CECP study shows that meaning and fulfillment at work is the new standard employees expect of their work experience, and one that companies need to embrace if they want to cultivate the be… Read more