Posts on Nov 2018

The Body Series: How Technology is Transforming Women’s Healthcare – CB Insights Research

New technologies are making it possible for women to manage their health and well-being on a more precise and personalized level than ever before. Ranging from fertility tracking apps to post-menopa… Read more

Five Unique Ways AI Is Being Used to Promote Health

Artificial intelligence is no longer just a futuristic technology. It is now being applied throughout the healthcare arena from imaging to triaging patients. But outside of the mainstream hospital u… Read more

By Protecting Veterans’ Health, You May Protect Your Own

"This Veterans Day, in addition to honoring those who serve in uniform, we should spend some time remembering the 300,000 employees of the Veterans Health Administration. The V.H.A. — the nation  Read more

New Deep Knowledge AI System Could Resolve Bottlenecks in Drug Research

"Putting this AI technology in the hands of biomedical researchers will generate immediate results, which could be used for future scientific discoveries," said Antonio (Ho Yin) Sze-To, research ass… Read more

The First X-Ray, 1895

On November 8, 1895 - 123 years ago today - while studying the effects of passing an electrical current through gases at low pressure, German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen accidentally discovered X-ray… Read more