Posts on Oct 2018

3 Reasons that the Next Generation of Clinical Informatics Will Drive Real Change

"Over the coming years, as innovation continues to accelerate, we expect that . . . three trends will play an integral role in shaping the future of clinical informatics and, more importantly, HCOs… Read more

Growth Ally Announces Comprehensive Health Industry Learning (CHIL) Workshops Led by Frank Ingari

We were privileged to host Frank Ingari in our offices last week to share a condensed version of his upcoming Comprehensive Health Industry Learning (CHIL) Workshop with our team. CHIL is an intensi… Read more

17 Digital Health Mergers and Acquisitions from Q3 2018

This quarter's M&A action includes big names looking to move into digital health as well as more niche offerings absorbing their competitors.… Read more

Industry Roundtable: AI, Greater Collaboration, Integration are Key to Unlocking Healthcare Data’s Ability to Enhance Care Delivery

"Chasm Partners, an executive search firm in the healthcare technology and services space, recently convened a roundtable discussion to assess how the transformation of “big data” in clinical in… Read more

GNS Healthcare Names Healthcare Analytics Executive David Gascoigne as Chief Operating Officer

We want to congratulate our client, GNS Healthcare, a leading precision medicine company, on the selection of analytics veteran David Gascoigne as its Chief Operating Officer. Gascoigne has two deca… Read more