Posts on Oct 2018

A Memorable Year for Financial Health Tech

The size and number of large, late-stage health tech deals appeared to be leveling off. Exits were down 18 percent in 2017, and all were due to mergers or acquisitions. Maybe most surprising, 2017 s… Read more

If Humility Is So Important, Why Are Leaders So Arrogant?

"We live in a world where ego gets attention but modesty gets results. Where arrogance makes headlines but humility makes a difference. Which means that all of us, as leaders or aspiring leaders, fa… Read more

Team Builds Modeling Systems Identifying Gene-Drug and Environment Interaction

A team of researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the University of Washington has designed a modeling system that integrates genomic and temporal information to infer causal… Read more

From Flintstones to the Full Stack: How Precision Care and Consumerization Will Modernize Healthcare Delivery

Pfizer's CMO Freda Lewis-Hall, M.D., DFAPA said that “We have Star Wars medicine in a Flintstones healthcare system," but healthcare is finally going full-stack and we can drive better outcomes at… Read more

California’s New Law: No More All-Male Boards

California state Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson told The Wall Street Journal last month when the legislation passed that "one-fourth of California's publicly traded companies still do not have a single wo… Read more