Posts on Oct 2018

A User Experience Revolution is Needed to Achieve Radical Productivity in Healthcare

"Generally speaking, most physicians agree that the introduction of technology has driven improvements in care, but the plethora of technology solutions and the outsized amount of labor required to… Read more

What’s Behind the Increased Use of Cloud Services in Healthcare?

"Cloud-based services are attractive to many health IT departments because of their promise of reduced complexity and improved scalability. However, there are other contributing factors that are mak… Read more

These Questions May Turn A Mediocre Interview Into a Successful Interview, According to a Hiring Manager

Successful interviews aren’t just about having the right answers. They are about asking the right questions. What do your questions say about you?… Read more

Big Changes Ahead for Healthcare, Says Practical Futurist Michael Rogers

"I like to say the mantra of the future will be low-cost delivery, quanitified outcomes, maximized quality," said Rogers.… Read more

Does Anyone Really Know What ‘Medicare for All’ Means? 

" . . . some worry the terms “Medicare for all” and “single payer” are at risk of becoming empty campaign slogans. In precise terms, Medicare for all means bringing all Americans under the g… Read more