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Continuing the Gender Parity Conversation

We’re continuing the conversation on gender parity in HCIT. Did you know that 36% of our executive placements at Chasm Partners are women? 

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The Long and Winding Road to Gender Parity in Healthcare

Chasm Partner’s Kristy Lindquist is sharing real-world advice on how the HCIT industry can foster a more female-friendly environment. Here’s how to take action. 

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In our newest ChasmPOV industry roundtable, we’re talking about gender parity in health IT with 4 female leaders who are inspiring the next generation of healthcare entrepreneurs. 

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Bill Meehan Joins HealthPlanOne as Chief Sales Officer

Bill Meehan is now Chief Sales Officer at HealthPlanOne.

HPOne drives enrollment and engagement outcomes for the nation’s leading insurance companies.

Read More about HealthPlanOne here.

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Ensure Technology is Adopted by a Health System

How can investors and entrepreneurs ensure that their technology is actually adopted by a health system—not just piloted? Always do your homework to determine the right priorities, the right focus and the right partner. 

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