Posts on Feb 2018

Big-Data Analytics for Healthcare Payers & Providers

Healthcare payers and providers say that big data analytics is either “very” or “extremely important” for their long-term competitive success.… Read more

Low-Value Care and the Success of Value-Based Reimbursement

Scott Weingartenon how value-based reimbursement success hinges on decreasing low-value care across patient populations.… Read more

Value-Based Care Fueling New Uses for Data

The shift to value-based care is fueling new uses for data and has the potential to reinvigorate the electronic health records. Here’s what to know.… Read more

EHR Advancement & Interoperability

Our recent roundtable panelist, Scott Weingarten, MD of Cedars-Sinai, is featured in this Healthcare Finance News article discussing EHR advancement and interoperability.… Read more