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Where is Digital Health Heading?

Perspectives from the New York eHealth Collaborative Digital Health Conference by Chasm Partners’ Kristy Lindquist.

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Innovative Organizations Ushering In New Era of Employee Benefits

Thanks to Becker’s Hospital Review for highlighting our recent Chasm Partners Roundtable and how tech companies are helping innovative organizations to usher in a new era of employee benefits for team members. The big idea? Wellness matters. 

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Chasm Partners Roundtable Addresses Future of Employer Digital Health Solutions

Press Release: Industry Roundtable – Employers are Moving Towards Value-Based Care Approaches to Reduce Costs and Improve Health Outcomes.

Digital health experts highlight the critical role of employers and the power of technology to help employees live healthier, happier lives.

Read the full release here.

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Read our latest Roundtable about the role of employers driving value-based care through innovative technology.

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