Posts on Feb 2017

Data Exchange, Analytics Remain Out of Reach for Many Providers

Providers are reporting significant shortfalls in EHR interoperability, impeding decision support and wasting time and admin resources. This makes a strong case for better and more AI and machine le… Read more

Hospitals Worry Repeal Of Obamacare Would Jeopardize Innovations In Care

Yes, individuals will be affected by Trump's ACA changes but ACOs will too. Here's what can happen to those established but still in proof of concept stage. Read more at:Hospitals Worry Repeal Of… Read more

IBM Bets Big on Blockchain for Value-Based Care, Data Exchange

IBM is betting blockchain will drive improved patient-authorized data sharing, hoping for reduced error/hacking and better care coordination. An interesting move to watch...… Read more

Meet Forward, An Ex-Googler’s Plan To Reinvent Health Care With A Dose Of Apple, Netflix And AI

At $149 a month, Forward’s offering costs less than many individual deductibles. Expect major utilization and payer implications if it catches on.… Read more