Posts on Dec 2016

Where is Digital Health heading in 2017?

A Chasm Partners report from the New York eHealth Collaborative Digital Health Conference, which took place December 6 and 7th. One of the benchmark annual meetings for digital health innovators is… Read more

Thinking Outside the Blocks

Is our healthcare system too cumbersome to lead blockchain-enabled innovation? The promise of blockchain tech is staggering: significant cost reduction, fraud reduction, increased focus on quality..… Read more

China prepares to rank its citizens on ‘social credit’

Are US regulators ready for this? Thoughtful human-centered design could very well leverage social analytics to eliminate poverty, AIDS, child marriage, genocide. It could also be an invasion of pri… Read more

A USB stick that can test HIV levels in under 30 minutes

Electricity x Biology: tech continues to respond to the AIDS epidemic. This clever innovation has implications beyond AIDS diagnosis & treatment. We see potential across all disease states, lead… Read more

As Trump’s HHS Secretary, Tom Price Could Slow Shift to Value-Based Care

President-elect Trump's appointments for HHS Secretary and CMS Administrator champion accessibility and lowered costs, and Dr. Price is in fact favorable toward value-based reimbursements. However,… Read more